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Chat Log, Regulus/Sirius, New Years' Eve (NC-17)

Regulus: The Blacks throw a huge fete on New Years', and just before it, Regulus informs you that his betrothal has been arranged.

Sirius: Sirius nearly chokes on his champagne, looking utterly stricken at the thought of you being engaged, as he'd long ago put the idea of marriage from his mind for the both of you. "Who? When?"

Regulus: 'Rhiminee Lestrange, that silly little twat from the cadet branch of the Lestranges that goes to Beauxbatons. And after NEWTs, naturally.'

Regulus: 'Unlike you, dear brother, I allowed Maman to cherish the hope she may some day have grandchildren to carry on the name.'

Sirius: He laughs, relaxing a bit. 'She's got you engaged to a Lestrange? And here I thought her opinion of you was so high. You could certainly do better than that.' He wrinkles his nose, idly looking around as he sips his drink.

Regulus: 'She's filthy, stinking rich, Siri. I suppose that was the deciding factor. In any case, she'll be content to run a household and let the house elves raise the brats. Oh, I'm sorry, the HEIRS.' He rolls his eyes and sits on your lap, stealing a sip of your drink.

Sirius: He smiles, wrapping an arm around your waist and kissing your neck. 'Quite frankly the idea of you having children is rather scary. Would they be like us, do you think?'

Regulus: 'As long as they can't beget two headed offspring, I cannot imagine caring what they do when the lights go out.' He arches his neck, offering you more access. 'And at least they'd have each other. Though if I ever behave like Maman, please beat some sense into me.'

Sirius: He nips at your neck, pulling you closer against him. 'If you ever start acting like her, I'll stop speaking to you. I haven't the patience to deal with one of her, much less two.'

Regulus: He turns and straddles your lap, taking your drink and sitting it on the side table. 'We should be getting dressed, but I think I fancy the idea of standing beside my bovine betrothed with my brother's hot, slick come inside me, trickling down my inner thighs.'

Sirius: He moans and squirms, nipping at your throat. 'Damn it. You do realise that saying shit like that utterly backfires, don't you? It makes me absolutely desperate for you to fuck me.' He grins and kisses your chin. 'Though I suppose I could be persuaded to do things your way.'

Regulus: 'If we...mmm, show a certain amount of self control, we can have it both ways.' He wrenches open your dressing gown, nails scraping over your nipples. 'Fuck me first, then I fuck you. Yes?'

Sirius: He gasps and squirms, arching up against you. 'Shit. Lovely, if I wasn't so terrible at self control.' He nips along your neck, tugging at your dressing gown.

Regulus: 'Then fuck me first, fill me and then I will fill you.' He opens his own robe, wrenching both open down the lengths of your bodies, hand wrapping around your cocks and stroking hard.

Sirius: He groans, wrapping his arms around you and pulling you close against him, kissing you deeply before pulling back to mumble against your lips. 'Have we even got time for a proper fuck? Mum's going to come looking soon.'

Regulus: 'We have time...yessss...because neither of us needs to be babied through a fuck, do we, brother?' He sucks wetly on his fingers and reaches around to his own hole, shoving two inside to loosen it just enough to take you in.

Sirius: He whimpers, nipping along your collarbone and scratching down your back. 'Fuck. You're really far too sexy for your own good. For anyone's good.'

Regulus: 'Shhh, you don't need to flatter me, Siri.' He pulls out his fingers and presses his mouth to yours, mewling as he holds your cock steady and sits down on it, shuddering at the rough, raw entry.

Sirius: He gasps, digging his nails into your back and biting down on your lip as he thrusts up. 'Fuck. Reg.'

Regulus: 'Gods, gods, Siri.' He holds still for a few seconds, panting, pushing down frantically to open for your cock. Finally, he digs his fingers into your shoulders, arches his back and starts a slow, grinding rhythm. He's actually trying to avoid you hitting his sweet spot, because otherwise it would be over all too soon.

Sirius: He licks your throat, whimpering softly as he slowly moves, matching your rhythm. He kisses along your jaw, licking your ear before whispering, 'Love you.'

Regulus: 'Ahhh, fuck, Siri, I love you too.' He buries his face in the crook of your neck, mewling as he tries to keep his prick from rubbing against your belly, his passage alive and hot and clinging around you as he rides you, pushing you to orgasm, milking your cock.

Sirius: He gasps and jerks, wrapping his hand around your prick and squeezing as he shivers, biting your neck.

Regulus: Growling, he grabs your hand and pulls it away. 'You want my come in you or not, brother?'

Sirius: He clings to your hand, sucking fiercely at your neck and jerking against you. 'Want everything.'

Regulus: 'Siri...' He wraps his arms around you and whimpers as he staves off his orgasm again. 'Please...please fill me up, can't hold on much longer.'

Sirius: He gasps, clutching you close and biting your shoulder to muffle his cry as he comes, shivering and whimpering.

Regulus: He kisses you through your climax, stroking and petting your hair, moaning at the feeling of you exploding within him, concentrating on your pleasure so that he can deny his own just a little longer. 'Ooo...' When you've finished, he pulls off slowly, grimacing, and stands. 'Up, brother. Kneel on the floor, arse up, thighs spread.'

Sirius: He whimpers, still shivering as he moves to kneel obediently.

Regulus: Regulus pushes up your robe over the curve of your arse, moaning as he wrenches apart your cheeks and licks your little hole, pushing saliva inside with his agile, demanding tongue.

Sirius: Sirius gasps, hips jerking as his toes curl, hiding his face against his arm and squirming slightly. 'Oh, god. Reg.'

Regulus: The tongue with draws and his fingers take its place, spreading the slickness inside and opening you fast, just as much as he needs to avoid causing you real pain. 'Ready for me, Siri? Ready to feel me push past these tight muscles and fill you?'

Sirius: He mewls, writhing. 'God, yes, Reg, please.'

Regulus: He spits down onto his cock and rubs the saliva and his precome over the shaft before pushing his aching cock inside you in one long, rough thrust, not stopping until his balls slap up against yours.

Sirius: He gasps and jerks, whimpering softly, still to spent to do anything more than squirm a bit as he arches his back.

Regulus: 'Ohh, gods, Siri...' He drapes himself along your back, licking and biting the base of your neck as he starts fucking you, finding your swollen gland and rubbing it with his surprisingly languid thrusts. 'I want you hard again for me.' A knowing hand slides around your hip and grips your soft cock, bringing it alive again excruciatingly soon.

Sirius: Sirius whimpers, nails digging into your arm as he squirms. 'Fuck. Oh. Love you.' He arches back against you, panting softly.

Regulus: 'I know you can do it for me, sweetheart. I know it.' His voice is low, almost soothing, as he rocks within you, maddening you with his thrusts and his clever hand rubbing and pulling and pinching at your cock.

Sirius: He whines, nails scraping over your arm as he writhes, tilting his head back to kiss your jaw. 'Driving me mad.'

Regulus: 'I know...I want you aching for me all night long. And at midnight, after I kiss my fiancee, I will find you, and I will take you into a dark, dangerous corner, and I will fuck you again and let you come.'

Sirius: He gasps and jerks, shivering hard, squeezing himself around you and squirming desperately.

Regulus: 'Gods...' He mewls, hips gaining speed as he forgets everything except you and his utter, blinding need for you.

Sirius: He whimpers, grabbing your hand and bringing it up to press his lips to your palm. 'I love you.'

Regulus: He wraps his other hand tight around your waist, practically sobbing as he buries himself in you and comes hard, howling against your skin as he fills you with hot, slick seed.

Sirius: He mewls softly, shivering and squirming as he presses kisses over the palm of your hand.

Regulus: 'Damn...didn't manage to make you hard again.' He laughs, pulling out gently. 'I know my mission for tonight, then.'

Sirius: 'Mmm, if you hadn't thoroughly worn me out the first time, I promise you would've been successful.' He stretches languidly before rolling onto his back, tugging you down and clinging to you.

Regulus: 'So here we are, both with sore arses. Life is good.' He burrows against you, your robes tangled up on the floor.

Sirius: He grins, pressing his lips to your forehead. 'Damn right. I can even deal with our entire bloody family tonight.'
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