Raven Travers (ravenslyth) wrote in primus_aetas,
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locked to Narcissa

In the dead of night, Raven was sitting underneath a tree by the forbidden forest. She often came here to be alone....and the noises from the forest always helped to calm her down so she could study. The gods know she cant get any piece in the slytherin common room where everyone is always running around like stupid gits. But she would soon be out of Hogwarts....the thought of leaving brought a smile to her face.

She lit a candle and got her potions book out of her bag. She usually didn't have any problems making anything in the class, but she just wanted to make sure that she had everything correctly. Feeling a chill, she pulled her new cloak she got for christmas up over her head a little. Then, Frowning, she pulled out her notebook and set to work.
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