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(No Warnings, Just Talk)

Walden He groggily makes his way back to his bed, intent on sleeping for a few hours before having to go to classes for the day. He'd already washed the gore from his hands and face and was in the middle of removing his clothes when he heard the deep, even breathing coming from inside the curtains. For a moment he wondered if Regulus had come in but that was unlikely so he peeked in and smiled when he saw his little wingless bird, Evan, asleep in his bed.

Evan Evan was curled into a sweetly rumpled lump in the centre of Walden's bed, his blond hair spared out across the pillows and a slight smile on his face ...as if he was at home and comfortable.

Walden He sits on the edge of the bed to take off his shoes and socks, then slowly peels back the blankets to look at the scars on your back. So pretty, but it made him sad someone had cut off your pretty wings. Maybe he could make you some, or get some from another harpy for you.

Evan Evan slept deeply, but he sensed Walden's presence and he rolled over, one hand groping sleepily then finally stopping when it reached him. seemingly content to soak up body heat through touch.

Walden He strokes your hair back and chuckles, then carefully slides his fingers down along the deep scars. Maybe Severus would know about a potion to re-grow things like wings. Severus knew everything about potions. "Evan, pretty?"

Evan He makes a low, sleepy noise of pleasure and slowly wakes up, the pretty blue of his eyes warming from within as he sees Walden.
Evan " Walden?...you're here....I was lonely last night and came to find you. You were gone so I settled for your bed instead. Forgive me? "

Walden He grins. "You can sleep here anytime you want pretty. I've been spending nights in my lab lately. Regulus got me a present and it's nearly ready to hatch."

Evan He beams. " What is it? "
Evan He didn't particularly care *who* got Walden a present, only that Walden was happy.

Walden "Why don't you come down and see it. I think you'd like it."

Evan He smiles. " I'd like that, I've never been to your lab. "

Walden "It's nice and clean right now. I finished up with a pretty this morning."

Evan " Ooh, ..what kind? "
Evan He sits up, rubbing his eyes and pushing his thick hair back and out of his face.

Walden He blinks several times. "I... don't remember. It was furry and it had big green eyes." He shrugs.

Evan " Sounds interesting, ..but you usually remember, is something wrong Walden? "
Evan he reaches up to touch Walden’s cheek, looking worried.

Walden Walden smiles and kisses your fingers. "I was going to go out into the forest tonight after dark, do you want to come hunting with me?"

Evan " you know I do . "
Evan he smiles a bit sadly. " Anything to keep my mind off of everything else. "
Evan " I'm ...not with Antonin anymore. "

Walden He has to think about this. "I haven't seen him around much lately. Guess he's been busy with school or something. We can have fun without him."

Evan " Really? "
Evan He looks so hopeful, it was almost heartbreaking ho w*easily* he trusted Walden.

Walden "Mhm. But first I need to sleep. There's a few hours left before classes start for the day."

Evan He smiles at him and bites his lower lip nervously. " Can I stay ? "
Evan " Sleep with you? "

Walden "If you want." He finishes undressing and slides into his pyjamas, then climbs into the bed behind you.

Evan He smiles and curls close to him aligning his body perfectly with Walden's. Evan was a pleasant armful, he smelled like green life and mint with a slight after hint of an odd musk and the white ridges of his scars were pressed against Walden’s chest barely noticeable through Walden’s pyjama top. .
Evan " Thank you. " he murmurs.

Walden "You're welcome." He closes his eyes, resting one arm over your waist.

Evan He relaxes happily in Walden's arms, trusting and content, like a petted kitten.

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