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In which Sirius and James sneak out for cheap thrills and get caught. Minor groping.

James: James was waiting at the base of the willow, crouched down, back leaning hard against the shimmering white bark. He'd sent an owl to Sirius, telling him to meet him out there right about now. Flicking his eyes up towards the sliver of a moon, James laughed a little and peeked around the slender trunk to see a shadowed figure coming towards him.

Sirius: Sirius grinned and waved a bit when he caught James's eye, walking quicker and reaching him a moment later. "Hey, Potter, where's that handy cloak of yours? I could've used it, I nearly ran into McGonagall on the way down."

James: "Aw, what's the matter Black, don't like a challenge?" He'd purposefully left everything back in the dorms. Nothing matched the thrill of nearly being caught. The detention was worth the rush. "Fancy a jaunt to Hogsmeade? We could could get in real trouble." His tone was lusty, capturing the excitement of the deed.

Sirius: Sirius laughed, bouncing on his toes a bit. "Brilliant. I feel like a drink, anyway." He glanced around. "And now's the time to go, if we're going to." He gave James a bit of a shove towards the tunnel.

James: "Funny, because I was just thinking that you look like a shot of firewhiskey." He barely had time to get the quip out before he found himself running as stealthily as possible toward the whomping willow. Peter would have been helpful now, but they managed to avoid the bashing limbs.

Sirius: Sirius laughed, following after him as quickly and quietly as possible. "That was bloody awful, Jim lad. You should be given detention for that horrible pun alone."

James: "Ha, well...as soon as they make you Head Boy, then you can dish it out." He found the knot amidst dodges and pressed it, taking a glance around before slipping out of sight.

Sirius: Sirius snickered, ducking into the tunnel after him. "That's about as likely as them making you Head Boy. But I bet Frank'll give you detention for me."

James: He stopped, pretending to be dramatic. "So are you blowing Frank too then!?" Placing his hands on his hips, he tapped his foot.

Sirius: He grinned, stopping as well to lean against the wall. "Who said anything about blowing anyone?"

James: "He'd have to get something in return, wouldn't he? Not even Frank is that noble." Instead of waiting for a response, James hopped and fell forward. Before his hands hit the ground, they were hooves and dashed dirt at Sirius's pants. Leaping to the left, the stag took off down the tunnel, making short work of the ground.

Sirius: Sirius laughed, quickly changing as he ran after him, barking happily all the way down the tunnel and snapping at Prongs's heels when he was close enough.

James: Careful kicks were placed at the dog, never aiming to hit. The trap door opened at the prying of great antlers and his hooves clacked against the wood of the steps leading up. When he was sure it was empty, he shifted back easily. He knew he didn't have to wait for Sirius to catch up, because they always seemed to be on the same page anyway. Out he went, into the darkening streets of Hogsmeade, sure that no one would see them.

Sirius: Sirius stretched as he changed back, quickly catching up to James to pinch his bum. "Frank likes me enough to do me a favour without getting head first."

James: "Hmm, then I suppose I'll have to stay on your good side then. Though I could never quite figure out which that one is." His chest rose and fell hard from the run, liking the way the crisp air burned.

Sirius: He tsked and prodded him in the ribs. "Both sides are my good side, git. Where to now?"

James: Well, now that they were there...James was good at the outset, ready to go anywhere and do anything, but forethought had never been his strong suit. "A drink, I suppose. It was so easy getting here, perhaps we should try getting back plastered?"

Sirius: "Oooh, that'll be fun." He laughed, imagining tripping over McGonagall on the way into the castle. "Yeah, let's get totally off our faces." He grabbed James's hand and pulled him off down the road.

James: The Hog's Head it was, as it posed much less chance of being caught. Was there ever any tension between the two of them? It was always a holiday with Sirius.

Sirius: Sirius continued grinning as he led them into the Hog's Head and over to a booth. "I want whiskey, since you already said I look like it. What about you?"

James: "Whiskey also, can't have you getting ahead of me." He always liked the way that the place was so empty, and how the owner never cared where the drinks were going, so long as they were paid for.

Sirius: Sirius nodded and went off to the bar to grab their drinks, returning a moment later and handing a glass to James with a grin. "Bet I can drink more in one go than you."

James: He'd be willing to bet that Sirius could also, but what sort of Gryffindor would he be if knowledge stopped him? "And what'll the winner get then?"

Sirius: "Er. Dunno." He laughed. "Hadn't thought that far. You choose."

James: "The loser has to kiss Remus..." He stuck out his tongue mockingly, then corrected himself. "Now, that wouldn't be very fair to me, now would it? Let's see.."

Sirius: Sirius smirked a bit, looking down at his drink. "And he's a good kisser, so it's not much punishment. Come on, Potter, where's that brilliant mind?"

James: He pulled up his knee so that his leg crooked up between the table and the booth, leaning his chin on it in deep thought. "It's on vacation, dear Mr. Black. Just the pride of knowing, I guess then." He tipped his glass at Sirius before starting the competition with a slow gulp.

Sirius: He grinned, tipping his glass as well. "Right, then. May the best man win." He smirked, tossing back a long gulp and licking his lips as he set the glass down. "And we're going to have horrid hangovers tomorrow, or at least I will, 'cause I fully intend to mix liquors.

James: "Why don't we have lovely Snivelpuss make us some hangover potions? Oh wait, because he'd poison them." He raised his hand to motion for another drink, trying to ignore the slick hot glide of alcohol down his throat.

Sirius: Sirius laughed, ordering another whiskey and a beer. "Well, we can always try to make them ourselves, but then we might save Sniv the trouble of trying to poison us, and that wouldn't be any good. Maybe Remus could help."

James: Competitive, James checked the clock every once and again, sipping his next drink more slowly. "We should have invited Remus, though he's probably doing prefectly things right now."

Sirius: Sirius wrinkled his nose, sipping his whiskey. "He always is, it seems."

James: He nudged Sirius with his shoulder. "Neglected, are you?" It was teasing, but overwhelmingly gentle as well. He had to wonder what Remus would say about that.

Sirius: Sirius smiled a bit, nudging James back. "I'm all right." He fidgeted a moment before mumbling into his drink, "'ve been spending time with Regulus."

James: Now it was James's turn to wrinkle his nose. "Well, have you managed to remove the stick from his arse?" That was hardly a fair judgment, but James was famous for those.

Sirius: He laughed. "Mostly, I think. He really isn't bad, you know."

James: "He really isn't good either, now is he?" James finished his drink, setting the glass down just a little too hard when he hadn't meant to. It was probably something he couldn't understand anyway, he didn't have any siblings. But still, Regulus? James was under the impression that the rest of the Blacks were slimeballs, save for maybe Andromeda's end.

Sirius: Sirius smirked. "No, he isn't good. That's part of the appeal, or so I'm told." He poked James's side, grinning. "Don't worry, Jamie, I still like you best."

James: His vague aggression was instantly dispelled at the poke, James letting out a yelp. "Oh, sure you do." His stomach was doing twists and leaps, churning the liquid round and round. "Are you feeling it yet?"

Sirius: Sirius laughed and kissed James's cheek. "Does that answer you well enough?"

James: "Do try to molest me." Was that what he'd meant to say? He reached out and took the beer Sirius had ordered for himself and drank half of it. "Ah ha! Now I'm ahead." The feel of Sirius's lips against his cheek had brought a vivid and very good memory to fore.

Sirius: Sirius laughed and swatted at his arm. "Oi! That's mine, you git!" He grabbed the beer back, chugging the rest of it while waving for another.

James: Not to be outdone, James called for another as well. This is how things were always meant to be, relaxed, not thinking about school. This is how he hoped summer would be and ever after. "So, Reggie...what do you two talk about? Family business?" He put on an aristocratic sounding voice, overdone.

Sirius: He smirked, sipping the beer that came a moment later. "And who says any talking is done at all?"

James: "Enigmatic cunt. What's that supposed to mean?" He'd sunk low in the booth, whole body drooping happily beneath the blanket of booze. A few other patrons had come in and there was a pleasant rumble of wheezened voices in the background.

Sirius: "Nothing, Jimmy. Nothing at all." He grinned, watching James for a moment before leaning over and pressing their lips together briefly, then quickly returning to his beer.

James: His mouth formed a small O. Had that been meant to distract him from his rigorous line of questioning about...what had it been about? Sirius always felt so familiar, something wild James could keep in his pocket sometimes, yet never really own. The feeling was overwhelming and he buried himself in the bottle for a moment longer before leaning back over and returning the kiss impishly at the corner of Sirius's mouth.

Sirius: Sirius grinned, resisting the urge to giggle. "Why, Mr. Prongs. Are you flirting with me?" He nudged him, smirking at him over the rim of his beer.

James: "Why would you suggest such a thing? I'm deeply offended..." Shining eyes swept the establishment, checking for onlookers, a smile playing against his face.

Sirius: "Oh, I can't imagine." He quickly gulped down half his beer before licking next to James's lips, not bothering to pull back as he smirked at him.

James: James turned to lean his forehead against Sirius's. "You're a very bad creature, Sirius." Jutting his chin forward he took those smirking lips against his own, dipping his tongue between them before releasing. "But you certainly do taste good." James's lips pursed to blow warm breath over Sirius's dampened mouth creating an odd mix of cool and hot.

Sirius: Sirius sighed softly, pressing closer and closing his eyes halfway. "You taste good, too. And I'm a fun sort of bad." He licked at James's lips, then kissed him again, slipping an arm around his waist.

James: If someone were to ask James later how exactly he ended up sucking Sirius's tongue hungrily into his mouth, he wouldn't be able to say. It just felt right at the time, and with Sirius, James rarely denied his impulses. He used his palms to push Sirius back against the wall, inching inward from the outer side of the booth.

Sirius: Sirius whimpered softly, scooting back and pulling James against him. He squirmed a bit before mumbling against his lips. "So who won, then?"

James: "Hmm. You, I think, because I'm a hard one to pin down." He tipped his head and adjusted his glasses. "Obviously"

Sirius: "Good." He grinned, wrapping his arms around James's waist and holding him close, kissing next to his lips. "Shall we get more smashed, or is this a good activity for the moment?"

James: In reply he finished the beer and wiggled his eyebrows, pressing forward again, kissing each side of Sirius's mouth, then laughing and tugging back. "How can I possibly decide between two exceptional options?"

Sirius: "Well, I say we switch off." He nodded, sipping his beer. "Drink, then snog, then snog more, then drink a bit, and so on."

James: "

James: "They should have put you in Ravenclaw." He rolled his eyes and took a moment to take an inventory of their alcohol consumption. "Do you really think we'll make it back into Hogwarts without getting caught?"

Sirius: Sirius laughed and kissed his neck. "Of course we will. We're Marauders."

James: How on earth would anyone be able to resist that? Scrunching his shoulder up he caught Sirius's head, hands slipping up through his hair roughly.

Sirius: Sirius squirmed, nipping at James's neck. "You're very, very distracting, you know."

James: "That might be our downfall then." Finally, he felt that last bit of inhibition slip away and his hand dropped to hook a thumb under Sirius's belt, tugging his waist forward.

Sirius: He grinned, arching towards James and kissing below his ear. "Downfall? Don't know the word."

James: "You wouldn't, would you?" His hands grasped at him, hands slithering up under his shirt to connect their skin, fingers curling inward harshly.

Sirius: Sirius gasped softly, arching his back. "Nope. Never heard it." He fumbled for his bottle, quickly gulping down the last of his beer.

James: James was far from thinking about anymore alcohol now. He felt demanding and helpless at the same time, dragging his lips down Sirius's chin. Ending at his adam's apple, he flicked the tip of his tongue over it, sinking into a long slow lap, groaning.

Sirius: Sirius whimpered and squirmed, scratching down James's back and brushing his lips over his forehead, whispering against his skin. "Fuck, Jamie.. 'm not going to be able to move if you keep that up."

James: It served to encourage him, teeth getting into the act, pushing the edges, testing what they could do. Couldn't this just be perfect? Nothing bad about it, nothing to worry about, or think about. His voice vibrated against Sirius's throat. "I don't think anyone'll miss us if we don't get back for awhile."

Sirius: He whimpered, tilting his head back and combing his fingers through James's hair. "'s true. Good thing, too."

James: It would have been better if James were half the boy he pretended to be. For a few seconds it seemed that he had just paused, but it soon became clear that he'd drifted off into a content sleep right against Sirius's neck.

Sirius: Sirius nipped at his ear when it became clear James had no intention of moving. "You great git, you're bloody heavy."

James: He groaned a little and smooshed his cheek hard into Sirius's chest before coming to. "Heavy...." His laugh turned into a snort before pushing himself up. "Maybe we should head back before I pass out."

Sirius: Sirius yawned a bit as well, nodding slightly. "Yeah. Bed's sounding good, actually." He grinned a bit, wickedly. "Can I stay in your bed?"

James: "Only if you sleep at the foot." He got out of the booth, laying down some money to pay the bill. He was teasing, of course. Sirius was always welcomed in his bed.

Sirius: He laughed, pretending to pant. "Yes, master." He swatted at James's bum, grinning. "Let's go, then."

James: James stumbled out, tossing a wiggly eyebrowed glance over his shoulder at Sirius. "Onward ho!" His voice was far too loud, and carried as they went, ringing clearly through the quiet streets.

Sirius: Sirius grabbed his hand, humming softly to himself as they wandered back to the shack. "How're we going to get back to the tower, anyway?"

James: He leaned on him, only half-aware that Sirius wasn't nearly as drunk as he. Making an inverted peace-sign he strolled his fingers along Sirius's shoulder. "Walking, I suspect. But we'll have to be very VERY QUIET." Which may have indicated their doom right then and there.

Sirius: Sirius nodded, letting go of James's hand to cling to his waist. "Good idea." He yawned a bit and kissed James's ear. "C'mon, let's go, I'm tired.

James: He sped them along, through the tunnel, over the grounds and into the castle, breaking into a jog finally. It was a miracle they hadn't been caught this far. "You know, I think we're homefree."

Sirius: Sirius laughed, jogging after him. "Definitely speaking too soon, mate."

James: Of course he was. "No one's going to be out this late." His tongue was on its way out to mock the nay-saying of Sirius, but he didn't have a chance when he turned a corner and collided with McGonagall.

Sirius: Sirius yelped in shock, skidding to a stop. He tried to give McGonagall his best innocent grin before giving it up as pointless and collapsing against the wall with a sigh.

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