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Severus: Severus was relieved as his last tutoring appointment of the day was packing up her potions textbook in her bag and walking out the door. It seemed the closer it got to the end of the year, the more panicked the 5th years started to get about OWLs and suddenly everyone wanted to be tutored.

Walden: Walden slips in quietly and closes the door, casting a complex locking spell before he turns around and approaches. "Hello Severus."

Severus: He looked up from the cauldron he was cleaning up, and his eyes widened. "Hello, Macnair," he said quietly. He backed up a step or two, careful to keep the table between them.

Walden: He stops in front of the table and lays his palms down flat against the smooth wood. "Thank you for the potion Severus."

Severus: "You're welcome." He stepped back, bumping into the table behind him abruptly. "It wasn't that difficult." He tried to keep his expression blank, although he was pointedly alert.

Walden: "Mmm, it occured to me that in addition to the bones, I'll need to regenerate muscle and some skin. I think his regenerative properties, along with a good meal with fix the rest."

Severus: He nodded. "Yes, all right. That's slightly different, but it shouldn't be difficult. Just a few changes to the ingredients I used for the other. I can have it in a few days," he said quietly, folding his arms over his chest and leaning back against the table. He nervously tucked a loose strand of hair behind his ear before folding his arms again.

Walden: He slowly walks around the table to your right, one long finger sliding along the wood. "Something else... if you have a moment?"

Severus: He straightened up. "Yes? What is it?" he asked, breathing a little faster.

Walden: He walks closer, right. up. to you, and splays a hand on your chest, sliding it down until it rests on your lower belly. "A geas. How can I remove a geas on someone?"

Walden: "Are there potions for that?"

Severus: He takes a full step back. "I... I'd have to look it up. I think so." His brows draw together, and he looks at him a little accusingly. "I can find out and let you know."

Walden: "Thank you." He smiles almost warmly... almost. "I am sorry about the other day Severus. I... didn't mean to frighten you." Softly, looking up at you through sinfully long lashes.

Severus: He hugs his arms around himself again, still watching him closely. "S'ok," he whispered. He still wasn't convinced he wasn't going to try it again, and nothing in his behavior reassured him.

Walden: "No... no it's not, but I have come to understand the error of my ways." Quietly. He slides those long, nimble fingers to the buttons on his robes, slowly unbuttoning the expensive material, letting it slip from hs shoulders, before doing the same with his shirt. You see deep black-blood bruises marring his skin, scabs from wicked little puncture wounds circling his swollen, bruised nipples. Walden let's the linen slide from his shoulders, catching on his elbows, then turning around to let you see the brutal, bloodied lash marks across every inch of his back. They obviously continue down a ways.

Severus: He frowned. "Who did that to you?" he asked, horrified. He relaxed a little, and took a half-step towards him. "Does it still hurt? I could put something on it," he offered.

Walden: He laughs softly. "Of course it still hurts, there is no skin left on my back... but no thank you, putting something on it would defeat it's purpose." He turns back around and carefully slides his shirt back on, buttoning the tiny, pearled buttons.

Severus: He swallowed hard, looking at him, clearly confused. "What is the purpose, precisely?" he asked.

Walden: "To remind me of my place, to remind me who I belong to." He smiles at you and leans forward to place a chaste kiss against your brow. "To remind me, who loves me beyond all others."

Severus: He raised an eyebrow, and pursed his lips. "Regulus Black," he said flatly. It wasn't a question.

Walden: Walden smiles brilliantly. "Of course." He slides his robes back on and fastens them slowly. "Thank you for the potion Severus. I await the others. Let me know what you wish in payment, hm?"

Severus: "You don't have to pay me." He leaned back against the desk again, and glanced down. Walden's words about Regulus were almost... creepy. Severus loved Lucius, but he would never let him do that to him, and he certainly wouldn't want to be reminded of his 'place'.

Walden: "Yes, I do. I dislike being in anyone's debt. Perhaps a present would be more appropriate."

Severus: "Well, whatever you like," he said, walking back over to the cauldron and starting to scrub it again. "It's not necessary, though." He was almost afraid of what Walden would consider a present.

Walden: He walks up behind you, one arm slides around your waist, the other brushing the long inky locks off the back of your neck. "Perhaps, something personal?" Warm breath ghosting across the newly exposed skin. "I promise not to hurt you."

Severus: He tipped his chin down, almost accomodatingly. For some reason he didn't quite feel afraid anymore, but things were still far from right. "Why did you do it?" he whispered.

Walden: He nuzzles against the back of your neck and sighs. "I wanted to touch you, to make you feel good, but some times I forget some people don't like the pain or the blood."

Severus: "Well... it..." He swallowed hard again. "It didn't feel... bad," he whispered. He couldn't deny that he'd enjoyed it on a physical level, even though it had freaked him out a little. "I just... m'not used to that sort of thing."

Walden: "I know, I should have gone slow, but you were so beautiful, I could taste the fear on your skin. Didn't it make the pleasure better?"

Severus: "I... I just didn't know... how far you'd go," he said quietly, his shoulders tensing a little. He didn't want to be afraid of Walden. He trusted so few people that to lose one seemed devastating suddenly.

Walden: "Severus... turn around." Softly.

Severus: He turned slowly to face him, thick black lashes clumped together a little with moisture, and looked into his eyes.

Walden: He cups your cheeks and leans up to kiss your lashes. "I will never play with you Severus. I will never break you."

Severus: "Why? Because I make potions for you?" He was frowning a little, his faith in Walden's word dangling by a thread.

Walden: "No. Because you're my friend." Simply.

Severus: He slid his arms around him and leaned against him, pressing his cheek to Walden's shoulder. "I don't want to have to be reaching for my wand every time we're in a room alone together," he whispered.

Walden: He slides his arms around you, nuzzling at your temple, eyes bright and dark as he looks over your shoulder. "Don't need to."

Severus: He pulled back and looked into his eyes. "All right." He nodded a little and bit his bottom lip. He wanted to believe it. He really did.

Walden: Walden smiles and nuzzles your cheek. "I won't keep you... if you have hings to do?"

Severus: "I was just finished. I was just going to go back to the dorm," he said quietly, releasing him and leaning back further.

Walden: He nods and steps back. "Then perhaps I will see you later Severus."

Severus: "All right. Bye, Walden." He waited for him to leave before putting the last of the equipment away and heading back to Slytherin.

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