Lily Evans (leaping_lilypad) wrote in primus_aetas,
Lily Evans

Let James respond first. Then, everyone else jump in!

She timed the attack carefully, around his daily fly. After steathily sneaking into his dormitory and retrieving his invisibility cloak, Lily tossed it around herself and made her way to the locker rooms. Yep- bingo. As planned, James was in there alone, soaping himself and singing 'I Will Survive.' She wished she had a muggle recording device. The moment was priceless. Lily yanked a mesh laundry back and carefully began moving throughout the room, stealing every single, solitary towel in sight. She also yanked James' wand and evey last stitch of clothing he had with him, not even leaving him his pants- a priviledge he'd bestowed upon her. She quietly closed the door behind her as she heard the water shut off and Lily quietly surpressed a snicker before tightening the invisibility cloak around her and bolting towards the Gryffindor dorms.

This, of course, meant war.
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