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Welcome to our Marauders Era RP

While the terrible Dark Lord Voldemort lingers on the edges of the future, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry lies yet untouched by the true terrors of war.

But it is not far off. Murmurs of a rising power underscore the school's daily routines and the schism between light and dark grows ever more prominent. Within Hogwart's walls recruitment for either side is taking place, whether burned onto the flesh, or burned onto the heart.

These are the chronicles of those days, the days before the war, the days before the line of tragedy that lead up to the Boy Who Lived.

Beginning in September of the Marauders' 6th year, taking place in the 1970's, this RPG follows the past, while knowing the future.

Recent Events: The Dark Lord Voldemort has infiltrated Hogwarts castle via an enchanted portrait of Salazaar Slytherin. Some students have already fallen prey to its promises of power and glory and have been initiated into the Dark Order. More are on the way.

Meanwhile, the first Order of the Phoenix has recruits of its own. Everyone is slowly preparing for the inevitable.

Current Main Plotline: The Dark Lord gathers forces to launch an attack on the muggle world while Headmaster Dumbledore finds means to prevent it.

Possible Characters
Feel free to suggest any not listed here as well, as long as they appear in the book (or are the plausible parent of a character) and can be placed near this era. Much of the information we have on these characters is speculative. Please put any notes about the character you feel pertinent on the application (ex. House, Year, Name, etc).

Students: (7th year noted)

James Potter - mrprongs
Sirius Black - messrpadfoot
Remus Lupin - messr_moony
Peter Pettigrew - messr_wormtail
Lily Evans - leaping_lilypad
Arthur Weasley (7th year) - redgryffindor (Character Open, Journal Available)
Molly Foster (7th Year) - msmolly
Frank Longbottom (7th Year) - f_longbottom
Alice Wheaton (7th Year) - previously owned
Christopher Wood (7th Year) - groovywood

Lucius Malfoy - imperious_
Severus Snape - snivellus_snape
Narcissa Black - ms_black
Evan Rosier - thorned_rosier
Westford Wilkes - westford
Antonin Dolohov - previously owned
Barty Crouch Jr. (3rd year) - previously owned
Julien (Rodolphus) Lestrange (7th year) - julien_strange
Korvin Flint (7th year) - k_flint
Asa Avery -
Bellatrix Black - fatale_trix
(?) Crabbe -
(?) Goyle -
Walden Macnair - slyth_macnair
Nicodemus Nott - a_shallow_grave (Character Open, Journal available)
Amyntas Lovegood (7th year) - previously owned
Cornelius Fudge - c_fudge
(?) Jugson -
(?) Mulciber -
Raven Travers - ravenslyth

Amelia Bones (7th year) -
Rosmerta Parish -
Aislinn Finnigan - theweirdingways
Simon Finch (7th year) - simon_finch

Regulus Black (5th year) - regulus_black
Rita Skeeter -
Andromeda Black (7th year) - andieblack
Rabastan LeStrange (5th year) - thestrangest
Broderick Bode (7th year) -

Houses Unknown
Ted Tonks (7th year) - the_tedster
Ludovic Bagman (5th year) -
Otto Bagman -
Davy Gudgeon -
Doris Purkis -
Gideon Prewett -
Fabian Prewett -
Broderick Bode -
Caradoc Dearborn -
Benjy Fenwick -
Marlene McKinnon -
Dorcas Meadows -
Kingsley Shaklebolt -
Emmaline Vance -

Professors and Adults
Albus Dumbledore (unavailable)
Minerva McGonagall (Transfiguration) - lioness_minerva (Character Open, Journal Available)
Flitwick (Charms) -
Binns (History of Magic) -
(Potions Professor) -
Alastor Moody (Order Member) -
Edgar Bones (Order Member) -
Arabella Figg (Order Member) -
Dedalus Diggle (Order Member) -

For infomation on these characters, visit The Harry Potter Lexicon's Which Wizard section.

Note: All DeathEaters have been placed in House Slytherin. However, we are more than open to them being from any house. Just mention it in your app. Also many of the Order members would be from Gryffindor, but that doesn't mean all of them have to be. We've put a lot of the lesser known ones in the "House Unknown" category. Feel free to tinker with any of the open characters.


1. Character journals are for posting first person journal entries that are visible to all students, unless otherwise noted as private in the subject line or in the post itself. Bold italics indicate thoughts, and thus also unreadable by other students or staff.

2. primus_aetas journal is for the posting of AIM logs and Owls behind LJ-Cuts. A short description or introduction concerning the AIM log might be nice for those who need to skim. This is also where you can post third person accounts of your characters actions. These are things that other characters will not see, but is a good indicator of where you are and what you're doing for possible role-playing opportunities.

3. primus_for journal is for OOC posts, plot suggestions, and general bonding hoopla. Please join both, and keep OOC posts limited to the primus_for community.

4. Please post at least twice a week. We'd like commited players, but we understand you get busy. If you are to be away for an extended period, please let one of the moderaters know. If your posts begin to dwindle considerably and we haven't been notified as to why, we will look for another RPer to fill your position.

5. Slash is welcome, and encouraged. This obviously puts us well outside of canon restrictions. Please keep in mind that HP Canon should be used to develop character traits and facts, but we are here to have fun, so we're not going to be crazy about following canon to the letter. Please use your best judgement in deciding what to do with your chars. We look to canon for a basis, but it is not the end all be all of our world.

Sound good? Questions? Would you like to join? Wonderful! Drop us a line. Everyone is more than welcome.

Please send the following information via e-mail to SeverusSnapeHP@aol.com

1. Name
2. Age
3. Character you wish to play
4. A short statement about your character and why you want to play them.

When accepted you will need a journal for your character that is seperate from other activities you may be involved in.

Disclaimer: We do not own or profit from these characters. Please do not sue.